Snowmobile Tour to Old Faithful

Duration: 09:00 (Approx.)

If you have a spirit for adventure and a love for nature, there is a must-do activity to add to your Yellowstone bucket list - a guided snowmoible tour of Yellowstone National Park.  You'll feel the rush of wind as you speed through the snowy landscape, while marveling at the natural beauty of majestic mountain peaks and icy waterfalls, and see bison, elk, and wildlife foraging for food under layers of snow.

Enjoy Yellowstone's most popular tour, offered daily. Here, you'll visit the world's most concentrated geothermal area with knowledgeable local guides. Tours can include stops at Madison Junction, Fountain Paint Pot, Fountain Flat Road and, Biscuit Basin, and lots of wildlife stops. To top it all off, you'll witness one of Yellowstone's star attractions in a setting few visitors will ever see; an eruption of Old Faithful geyser in winter.  We also allow for lunch and sightseeing time at Old Faithful.
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We require a minimum of 13 hours 30 minutes in advance to book this activity online. Alternatively, you can contact our office directly to inquire about short-term bookings.

Snowmobile Tour to Old Faithful